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Blueberry Kush: Characteristics

There are many people out there who profess their love for the Blueberry Kush strain of marijuana. It is an indica strain that comes with one of the highest THC contents. It is an offshoot of the Blueberry and OG Kush strains, and was made in Oregon. This is why it is loved by many, which have been using those two strains for long. You get to feel its effects best in the evening.

It shall have most of the characters its parent strains are famous for. You will, for example, love the fact that Blueberry has one of the best smells there is. IT also happens to be one of the most relaxing strains ever made. The OG Kush is popular on its own. It is commonly used for relieving stress when it gives you a euphoric head high. By mixing those two strains, they have created something incredible. This is why those who think of using this strain come with such huge expectations.
It is characterized by a sugary sweet and nice flavor. Many people like the fact that it has that berry scent. It shall have a mild lemony taste when you take it in, which shall remain present even after you exhale the smoke.

It shall have cerebral effects, seeing as it is an indica strain. Most people report feeling surprised with the way it makes them feel. They like how it will manage to give them a euphoric rush that shall keep them high and at the same time happy. It also makes you feel more energized in the process. The physical effects will then kick in, where you will feel more relaxed. This high feeling will last for a while, but somehow you will not feel foggy. When the euphoric high wears off, your body will be left feeling a deep relaxation.

You shall also like the fact that it has some medicinal applications, not just its prominence when it comes to recreational purposes. You can rely on it for pain relief, seeing as it can soothe aching muscles. You shall enjoy that deep relaxation, away from any feelings of pain. It can also help you handle the effects of stress rather well. If you have depression, it shall be beneficial for your usage. You may also rely on it to make your appetite better. You should find out how to dose it so that you achieve that effect. It is important that you not use too much of it, which will leave you too relaxed to feel like eating. For those who are insomniacs, you can rely on its sleep-inducing powers to manage to sleep.

With such effects in place, you need to find some for yourself. Check out this online shop for more details.

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