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Mind blowing Technology Predictions

The thing about technology is that its ever-evolving and at each time you have to be expecting a cool invention. In fact it’s funny how some inventions catch you by surprise when you see what they can do. The year has had some pretty interesting gadgets hitting the market but it’s only the beginning of newer inventions. If you are that person watching and keenly waiting to see what course technology will take next , look out for the following inventions. If you have been reading of foldable technology, you might not have to for long because it is close to becoming a reality.

Ever since smartphones came out people wanted them sleek and small then focus shifted to have larger smartphones. In the next couple of months, the most sophisticated technology is going to hit the market inform of a foldable phone, you get more screen size without the bulkiness of a tablet. This technology is bound to receive a lot of appreciation in the market as the modern day people want gadgets that are efficient and that represent their modern personalities. Virtual reality technology made its debut some two years ago but it did not hit the spot for many despite having some very mind-blowing products.

Virtual reality looks like it has a long way to go but augmented reality looks very promising. Even though we have some incredibly fast gadgets and internet connectivity , plans are under way to have 5G capable phones and connections that will change the way people get and transmit their content. For the longest time people have had to buy an upgraded product every time some new features have been released. If you are loyal to the apple mac you do not have to buy a new computer from 2019 as all you will need is an accessory that will allow you to upgrade into the new version. HD completely changed the manner in which people watch TV, the picture became of a better quality and learn more here.

4K is surpassing the HD technology to deliver even better quality of picture, to add to that the Television sets of that kind are costing cheaper and soon everyone will have one in their living rooms. Streaming services are becoming cheaper and in the near future no one will put up with poor picture quality. Looking at the direction that technology is taking, its only right to say that the future is looking brighter. Being an early adopter has its advantages, its crucial to stay up to date on the kind of technology being availed in the market. When it comes to living with technology, enjoy the best version there is.

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