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The Ultimate Guide for Making Doll Shoes

Finding an individual who has an interest in designing shoes but they get intimidated very common. It is high time you started following your desires without the fear of hurting yourself in the process of sewing or stitching because we have tips that do not touch on that aspect. For individuals who are fans of DIY creations in, use the guiding principles articulated in this article to construct any doll footwear that you want. The best news is that you can make it on your own by using basic tactics. The use of materials such as leather and vinyl which are easy to find and are cheap in the market is advisable. It is advisable to use something robust and tough in this process. The use of foam is crucial when making doll shoes, and the best part is that they are in craft shops.

It is vital to choose the glue or glue sticks that you will use wisely and sparingly in an open space with free air circulation. Considering that every person like different types of shoelaces, find one that you can use according to your essentialities and tastes and preferences. Crafting the pattern pieces in the right way is essential in this step because you need to prepare your soles. The foams and cardboard comes in handy at this point. You need a leather puncher so that you can use it co-create lace holes in the upper pieces. When making doll shoes, a person need a knife that can eliminate the cut-outs on the designs that you are making.

After that, make sure that you glue the cardboard that you made to the vinyl soles without leaving huge residues in the shoe. Use the sticky glue to attach the front upper of the cardboard sole then wrap it around the edges and cut small pieces to help with the flattening of the material used. Before putting the glue away after the above procedure, use it to stick the upper part of the show to the lower side in proportion. Use the glue sticks to attach the cardboard and vinyl soles.

In this step, the application of hot glue helps to stick the foam soles to the upper part. When you press the glued surface hard for several minutes, it attaches firmly and with minimal gaps in between. This is the secret that every DIY doll shoemaker needs to remember whenever attaching those parts. The last part involves gluing the trim around the foam of the shoe followed by a cut that fits with the size of the shoe so that its ends can close perfectly.

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