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Parking Apps That Can Be Used to Find Cheap Parking

To facilitate the various activities one has to do in a day, and it is necessary to find a parking spot. It has been shown that approximately 17 hours a year have been wasted on average by one person when searching a parking spot in our lot, garage or on the street. The estimated cost per driver for the wasted time, fuel, and emissions are about $345. It is possible to save your time and money by getting a parking app, so you dont have to search for parking. You can get a parking spot anywhere and can even book your spot in advance to get a discounted rate. Discover more about parking apps and their developers on this website. Below is a guideline on some of the apps you can use to get a parking spot.

The ParkWhiz is one of the apps you can use for this reason. You can get discounts and advanced booking options when you use this app. The app lets you search thousands of parking locations across the United States, you compare prices and choose your spot, and make a booking from your smartphone. When you arrive, the attendance only needs to see your mobile parking pass, for which you prepay. This app works in over 300 cities, and it can allow you to pay up to 50{e9e964870948451310e8f6cff006bb63290008cb9c1a587361875243710d7f25} cheaper than what you would pay in person for parking. Find out more about how you can use this app on this page.

The other app you can use is ParkMe. This app has over 200,000 locations in 15,000 cities around the world. This app can offer you real-time information on-street parking, as well as a live map that shows you where to find available spaces. You get the parking prices on the map; hence you can compare prices and reserve and pay for your parking spot in advance. It is possible to get parking details of up to two weeks ahead, where you can select daily and monthly rates. Find out more about this app by clicking on this website.

The PayByPhone app is another alternative to use for parking. It is possible for you to book your parking spot in advance and extend your parking time through this app. The app sends you a notification if time is running out, after which you can extend your parking remotely from your PayByPhone account. You can review your parking history and expenses when you use this app. It is also possible to get details about local events and traffic. Find out more about this app and where you can access it on this website.

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