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Challenge Coins And What They Stand For

Use of challenge coins is an ancient practice that has been used to honor outstanding performances in certain areas. Unlike the ordinary coins, they do not carry monetary value but are used to depict the challenge one overcomes. The military is credited with introduction of the challenge coins and these were given to individuals who performed great tasks towards victory of a military unit. Factual information on the origin of challenge coins is still not clear by historians give two main theories that are believed to be more factual in regard as to how use of the coins started.

The first theory points to a rich man who had the coins made in recognition to the great numbers who enlisted in the army. During the war however, one of the solders was captured by the enemy but managed to escape with only the coin as the only form of identification. The solder was lucky to find an escape and he came across the French army but he could not identify himself as his documents were all gone. His moment came with the challenge coin that bore his identification and in such way he was saved from the executioners as the French had decided upon his arrest.

It is also believed that the challenge coin was started by the Vietnamese army where anyone who took part in the war was accorded one. Those awarded with challenge coins in this regard were held in high esteem in the society to an extent they could enjoy free beer at any pub. This made the coins as a sign of dignity and at this point, they gained popularity.

With the continued popularity of the coins, they were also accorded to the civilians as well. Those who got lucky to be awarded with challenge coins were members of the community who made outstanding sacrifices for the country as well as national leaders. With this fact, they remain a great ceremonial gift for both civilians and the military.

In modern times challenge coins are used by companies and organizations alike. They are used as a form of recognition for employees who perform outstanding duties that bring success to the company. In such way, it helps employees to be more effective and productive with intent to get the reward. Military bodies also use the coins to recognize soldiers at all ranks whose performance is considered to be outstanding and check this company.

Source of challenge coins remains the mystery to majority today. There are companies however, that engages in design and production of the desired coins by companies. The coins are made of precious metals of different types as well as being engraved with perfect choices for the company seeking them. Production follows strict rules taking into consideration the desired outcomes by the client.