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Facebook Ads and Google Ads; Combining them to Work Together
According to research, an average American spend ample time every day on Facebook and probably on the google search engine. This is the main reason why many companies are now using Facebook and Google ads to advertise their product and services. While all tee techniques are quite effective, there are certain things that makes them different. To learn more about Facebook ads and Google ads, here is a relevant article for you.
As you browse through your Facebook newsfeed, you have probably come across different ads. Among the forms of Facebook ads, you will easily recognize the videos and the photos with certain links to follow. However, there also some form of ads which are mobile friendly and often appear on the right side of the feed. On the other hand, google ads are popular methods of advertisement an a bit more effective. They mainly connect an ad to your business using particular keywords. The effectiveness of the google ads will highly depend on how competitive the keywords are.
Different types of businesses and industries can greatly benefit from Facebook ads a google ads. While Facebook ads are informative in nature and can be used to provide details about a specific product, Google ads are majorly used to increase the amount of traffic to a website. Although both are ideal when it comes to brand exposure, you will need to use all of them for full ad campaign.
Facebook ads and Google ads can suit any business size as long as you work out your budget in regard to your financial situation. Facebook ads are charged considering the duration that the ads run ad this implies that you will pay more if they run for a longer time. But, pricing will also be influenced by factors like visibility and outreach. With Google ads, you will be charged depending on how strong the keywords are and the number of clicks received on the ad.
One of the greatest factors that make Facebook ads different from google ads is targeting. When using google ads, you will need to research so as to determine the strongest keywords that well relate to your targeted audience. However, you will find various options for targeting in Facebook. There are several demographic groups to select from including gender, location and interest.
Despite the difference in Facebook and Google ads, you can still use both to attain the best advertisement results. You only have to learn more about your targeted audience to be able to target your ads as well. Because Google ads are usually short, you can use them to prove a straight to pin information but with Facebook ads, you will have more room to advertise your products.