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What You Need To Know When Designing Your Website
The internet has a long history already over the past few years. Having an online presence is vital nowadays to run a business successfully. This is unless for the highly specific niches. However, for most people, an online presence is vital and not just a website. For most of the modern businesses, you have to start with a website. You will require social media presence, targeted advertising, a mobile presence and much more. For a start, a website is just okay. Read on to know what you need to have in mind before you have a web design done.
It is vital to have a mobile presence. Many people nowadays have moved from desktops and use mobile devices. By not having no mobile capability you would be locking out many potential customers. A website with mobile availability is a good start. Choose a design that is optimized for mobiles. A site needs to be usable and have a great look. Consider changing the site for mobile uses by removing autoplay video on the homepage. You should instead provide versions that are streamlined on the navigation bars.
Also, put into consideration the theme you want to use. Theme is considered to be very important in web designing. It is advisable you check sites of some of the biggest brands like Apple, Nike, and Coca-Cola. You will realize they have unique branding image. You cannot easily confuse the websites. Ensure you come up with a theme that is unique to your business.
You need to know the purpose of your website. It will be based on what you do and how far you are. There are brands that come up with websites that have only information and contacts. Others focus on the awareness of their brands. Before you design your website, ensure you know the purpose. If you want more sales, ensure your videos don’t open slowly because customers will end up closing the site before they view the product pages. Also, a site that is aimed at providing information for customers should not just have a product list and check out page only.
Ensure that the website is user-friendly. It should be easy for people to go through your website and find what they want. Customers will avoid websites that frustrate them. It should be easy to navigate for the purpose of attracting users.
Additionally, pay attention to the domain name. It needs to be useful as well as relevant. It is advisable that you use your brand name because it is a safer way. Howeevr, if you opt to use something different, ensure your own your brand’s domain name. By not using it others can purchase it and use it for competing sites and users will guess that it is your actual site and end up damaging your reputation.